Sunday, March 04, 2007

ye gods and little fishes

(hmm is it fishes or fish? the plural i mean. :s) Anyway friends, non-romans and non-countrywomen, we are not here to bury any defunct disintegrated roman. it would be a waste of effort and space. we are here for greater things than that.

i am here to bury my brain. ye gods. i want to bury this brain and request a downgraded one. please. can the gods who attend to little fishes (or fish) help me out in this urgent requirement. i find it is pointless having a brain right now. i would like a little bit of fluff - sufficient to get the daily tasks thought through.

i definitely do not want a "bird brain" (see my next entry on my opinion on avian grey matter). just a bit of basic grey and white fluff. thank you very much. instead of a proper intenstinal looking convoluted bit of sponge.

can i also have an extra pair of hands. thank you. i need them to mark exam scripts. no don't even ask me about it. hear the desperation in my voice and the drastic nature of my actions. and make your judgement.

i am weary of academia. i cannot tolerate it - i see myself buried feet deep in examination papers, endlessly. this is why the removal of the brain might be useful. it would provide another pair of hands to mechanically mark the papers. possession of a brain in this diabolic activity, will render me suicidal. so can i please have brain removal. there are 1500 more 1st papers from feb 2006 to be marked. and going by the final year paper standards, i have little hope for any shred of sanity. and hold your breath...the next batch of first year papers will soon be in. not to mention the internal exam papers.

while we are about the re-installation of a fluff brain, can i hope that an internal self-cooling system will be installed (without too many additional pipes and such like). i need it sorely.

and, finally,
whoever is out there is at it, can i have a spiffing new pair of feet. i really need those because the current ones are killing me slowly (nothing to do with killing me softly with anybody's love). i can't promise not to pain the toenails - i mean with two pairs of hands, i have to keep everything busy and occupied.

i have balked at the thought of acupuncture...although the thought is being processed out of sheer desperation. needles in head and feet! now isn't that an appropriate singular conclusion to a phd. my head needs pins in it. i mean what can i say? well whenever i do go, IF i do go, i will have to be tied and dragged into the surgery. the dr is not that goodlooking though. not that these things matter to me - no really they don't. but look at it this way, if someone is sticking needles into you, it helps to look up appreciate the aesthetic alignment of the item that is inflicting such torture. i would hate to look up and see something that was not pleasing to the eye.

i wonder whoever is out there - you don't get tired of these requests. at least be thankful that i am not asking you for things like an empty parking space, or a seat in the bus. god, just think about that, those are the kind of the requests HE gets on a daily basis. i at least am channeling my trivia in the right directions.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A friend of mine said 'why don't you start a blog that your friends can read?" At this point I remembered that I did have a blog somewhere ;) Admittedly there were not many entries, least of all daily. I have somehow never reconciled myself with the airing of private life on the wash-lines of public cyberspace. Nor do I hold to the idea of a public diary for all to read, about what a wonderful reunion I had with the other half, or whether my lovelife is going well, or whether my underwear fits and the travails I have in finding suitable nether garments.

Oh well - each to his or her own.

Just a word of "warning". There will be no gory details in this blog about private events in my life. Most of you will know about them via email. I refuse to supply the general world - however benevolent and friendly - with titillating bits and pieces. There are always Soaps if one wants that. But I will update the spaces here - when a computer and internet give themselves to my itching hands.

For starters I am back. In the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Although to be brutally honest it sometimes feels like a rock around my neck. Not a precious expensive rock either...just a "sink that bloody thing" type of rock. Oh yeah - my sense of nationhood, sense of belonging are well and truly screwed up now. I don't know where I belong anymore. Someone said we are citizens of the world, but hey I like to feel I belong somewhere. I somehow feel like a bit of driftwood - floating around with no roots.

Question is are we supposed to belong somewhere? Or is belonging linked to love and relationships? Or to a place devoid of them? Or to a space of land that is named and claimed by a race with high stakes on ownership. Where should "belongingness" fit? Ah that is the question.