Friday, January 23, 2009

Blown up, Bombed and Beat...

Some things are totally out of proportion.

Like the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq - those euphemistic "Crusades", "Shock and Awe Invasions", "War on terror". Euphemistic because obviously they had to be baptised (a favourite past time of the previous American administration), justified, sanctified. It also added the complication that 'they are terrorists' and 'we are liberators'. They are evil and misguided, we are the good and guided using misguided guided missiles.

So the outcome - that some people in a way out wildernesses of Afghanistan, barely able to find some food for the next day find that their hovel is exploded and a couple of children killed (could be considered a culling of future terrorists if one pushes logical illogic far enough). They are the justified, sanctified, crusaded targets of the misguided guided missile.

A big explosion, big mistake. But no apologies at all for that kind of thing. Oh no the gunmen do not apologise. There is no remorse. There is always justification, purification of motive and vilification of the bombed out target (it was a terrorist bunker).

Similarly do people act.

I am always baffled when people treat someone else way beyond proportion to a 'mistake'. When for a couple of words spoken or sometimes NOT spoken - what is given in return is vicious attacks of various kinds. Verbal attacks of course.

We all know the power of words - the way they can heal or wound, restore or damage, bring love or destruction, pain or joy. We all know that words can be bombs. Something blown up out of proportion, and someone is bombed and beat. Words cut across peace, break the spirit, rip the heart. I am not a saint and I am as culpable in using words wrong, of making mistakes.

But there is something deeply disturbing when people desire to to wound intentionally, to damage, to insult, to cause pain. And never want to ask forgiveness, to apologise, to make attempts at restoration.

I cannot fathom why people do not give someone the chance for a defence, to explain their side, why what is just dealt out is "bombs" and "misguided missiles" that land on someone's unsuspecting brain, and then proceed to fry it and burn it to cinders.

I remember what someone told me long ago about marriage - the only important thing in deciding to marry someone is to judge whether they are kind. Perhaps that is something we have to also ask ourselves about ourselves...are we kind?

Sometimes human behaviour on the individual and collective, the personal and national scale have me totally mystified. People and nations are unkind.