Sunday, February 26, 2006

Moose and Leopard Complaints...

SHE went away and left us behind. LEFT US BEHIND. "No room in the bag" she said. We reminded her that 20 centuries ago an innkeeper said something similar and look what he missed out on. She turned her nose up and said that she was hardly going to miss experiencing the Divine because she left us behind.

Sometimes we put up with discrimination. So we demanded justice. Now. She asked us what we would like to do - whether we would like to be posted in a large envelope to the seaside. What an indignity - the mere thought of it. Tcha. Humans.

We are excusing all this for the moment - well for the next month because we are giving allowance for a limited level of stress. But after that we DEMAND JUSTICE.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

problems of the heart

I have been wondering which is better - having a metaphorically breaking heart (MBH) or a physically breaking heart (PBH)? Hmmm....

A MBH can be mended, more so when you realise that she or he is not worth weeping over anyway. There are many therapeutic activities to enable such a mending. A MBH is also quite common - in fact it is so common that it is now a cliche! A MBH is to be expected because most human beings have a predisposition towards fickleness and fecklessness; in fact there appears to be a definite congenital tendency towards this so we should actually *expect* broken hearts. A MBH, given its own fickleness, can sometimes (not always) respond very nicely to the soothing medication of a new interest on the horizon that taps at its auricles and ventricles.

A PBH is, however, a darn nuisance. It gets in the way of everything. There are very few remedies for it. It is a condition you live with - no bright alternatives on the horizons to distract and attract you. It is perfectly normal for a healthy metaphoric heart to be suddenly breathless with all manner of exciting feelings that can lead to varied charming conclusions. A PBH, unfortunately, leaves you breathless, period. Nothing exciting there - except the prospect of not breathing at all if breathing becomes too difficult.

I think I still prefer a PBH to a MBH because it is less painful. You can always try and keep the said organ - the metaphoric heart - well out of reach of anything liable to bruise, damage, or break it, and thus prevent a MBH. This is of course easier said than done, becuase humans are also heavily predisposed to foolishness - most prominently foolishness in terms of the metaphoric heart.

Dido and Aristo say that it is better to be stuffed with pe pellets than to have such dangerous organs lurking within their fur and stuffing.