Friday, May 28, 2010

Trivia - the vague passing stream of consciousness!

I live in the stream of consciousness. Everything sort of flowing through my brain like a veritable flood of "thought bites". Virginia Woolf was quite right in a way - even though sometimes reading it gets a bit tiresome - to experiment on the technique of representing the flow of human consciousness through our minds all through our day (or the sleepless nights) for that matter.

Here, for the record are some of mine!
"Shall I be inspired to paint a complex polychromatic image on paper or keep it simple and go for a monochromatic effect of painting the town red...Should I be an artist or an artful wrecker?"

Married life, we have realised, is made up of a massive content of the everyday. How then to enjoy life through the repetetive trivia that floods in - organising of meal rituals, grocery shopping, cleaning, washing?
A sense of humour and a bit of hilarity help. Also having both spouse and spice immersed in a barrage of... domesticity is definitely better than one being footloose in a fancy free manner."

I am thinking that having a mother who likes to cook a full blown Sri Lankan meal is not a bad thing! Although I am not sure I like the murmurs about "poor boy" (which translated means "why don't you wait on him hand on foot"!)"

I am supremely tired with a Media that appears determined to scupper the ConDems efforts at a Productive future."

So we have the unholy alliance on. What strange bedfellows indeed. ;) methinks it might do the Tories a world of good to have some jolly good LibDem policy.
I have to say that having two fairly good looking men leading the nation is almost as good as having a man and a woman. What you lose in intellectual and staying... power, you gain in visual dynamics."

Fuzband would point that the stream of consciousness flows unhindered through my brain!
Sheez, if I was disciplined enough to write a stream of consciousness tome, I could be living with riches, fame and scandal. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet!


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