Friday, May 28, 2010

Released today "Sleeping with the Enemy"...the new hot political movie

You have to admit that the current situation - post election is one that deserves a place in the epic movie genre. "Sleeping with the Enemy" is not really an epic movie, but one can always have a "adaptation" scenario whence which it mutates into one.

Of course who is the enemy? In this case the mutual bedfellows - which ever they turn out to be. Currently his Toryness is talking to the man who holds the trump card. Can you imagine these being happy bedfellows? How in the name of all that is sacred, profane, holy, and unholy, can his Toryness do a deal with the Trumper? The mind boggles.

The trump card holder must be feeling pretty powerful and uncomfortable at the moment...the poor man. It is definitely the classic case of "between the red devil and the deep blue sea". Imagine the Trumpcard man's position: if he leaps into the deep blue sea, he will have to stomp on his moral conscience, back track on all his policy and lie down to be tickled. And tormented of course. If by some chance (or cunning plan) the poor man to lie down with the devil in red, his conscience will still be tormented (by unhappy citizens) for backing the old lost horse that should have been shaking a hoof and retiring to the stable, leaving No. 10 free for his rightful Torynesses.

To be honest, when watching a programme on the elections (fuzband describes it as "endless witter" which is more or less true after you hear the information and discussion once!), the clever technology and computery pals had done a cool trick. They tweaked the electorate colours of the map of the British Isles to reflect the actual proportion more closely - and guess what? The reds and blues were almost equal. You see a seat of 500 is equal to a seat of 5000 (to stretch it a bit). It therefore does *not* follow immediately that those with the most seats technically have the most votes. What it does indicate is that they techincally have the "right to govern"! In fact a close colour spectrum across the island seems to me a pretty close election.

The voting system is another story that is too complicated to go into here, but fact of the matter is that the Deep Blue sea and the Devil in Red were pretty close. There is a purity of statement here - no one has been given a vote of confidence. It is more the indication of a lack of confidence than not. The red patches and blue patches were almost equal. This is why we have not seen the Hon. incumbent of Downing Street packing and leaving immediately with the stately wave from the door and car, and wise words (maybe another apology to Ms Hysterical Duffy - thought personally at this stage he might be inclined to tell her to "sod off" in public...what has he to lose now!).

Let's not get too carried away in vilifiying the present incumbent of No. 10, even if he made some big mistakes. People might be pissed off with him for what has happened to the nation, but let's be honest - everyone wants, no, the word here is "needs", a scape goat; His Browness has been the proverbial goat. In more ways than one! So everyone wants him sent off into the wilderness with their misdemeanours, their mistakes, their overspending, their greed laid on his shoulder. Especially some in the Labour party whose sins are many! The way that people hoohaad about Gordon Brown, one was hard pressed to remember that a large number in the Labour govt, as well as the banking cohorts needed a good kicking where it hurts - in their seats and their pockets respectively.

Ok, so the man made mistakes...but the man is a flipping human being is he not? Does anyone *really* think that his Toryness or his Colin Firthiness is going to govern faultlessly, perfectly and with absoulte spot on judgements. Believe me they will fail. Not because they are evil monsters, but because they too are simply human. Unless one is prepared to believe that one of the is God and, despite the wideness and strangeness of beliefs people acquire like the "Jedi Faith", I doubt anyone believing that.

What one needs is not infallible women or men for good governance, but decent well intentioned humans who have in place good measures and restrictions now put in place to prevent fallible men and women allowing their humanity to lead them into places they should not go. A safeguard against their own humanity. No amount of good will, charm and sweet smiles is going to make a man or woman an infallible leader.

So let's face it - his Browness is not "worse" than his Toryness or Cleggy Firthiness. He may not have the looks and social graces of the latter two, but social graces do not a good leader make. It just makes for a good public profile (especially when looking sideways - which one needs to do with a lot of the politics!)

The latest is the call from SNP for an alliance of Labour, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru (please someone explain why Cymru pronounced Cumry - honestly can't someone reverse those letters or something!) in a "progressive alliance". It seems the easiest in terms of seeing eye to eye on policy to some degree, and could make for a happier "British" nation with representation at governance from its varied parts (where is Norn Iron in this bedfellow choice time?). Nick Clegg is at the moment considering the offer from His Toryness and it is bound to twist people's knickers into a knot if he goes for a swim in the deep blue sea. But I wouldn't like to be in his shoes. What is the right thing to do? Could any one of us know the right thing? Either way he is bound to be damned by some, and so is His Toryness. You can bet on that.

Whatever the case may be, what we do not need is an unholy alliance that results in unnecessary breeding. Imagine what can be bred - my imagination writhes at the thought. We would not like to have the spawn of an unholy alliance turning into tadpoles and stalking the nation. And who would ultimately want a breed of frogs emerging at the end of the day.
(I suppose if there were any princes among them - one could take to kissing them regularly, but given that the royalty are not much of a catch either...that puts paid to any benefits)


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