Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabbages and Kings. And doggies.

A friend told me today that I oughta restart the blog.
I am restarting my blog.
Today I am writing about Cabbages.
And Kings
And Doggies.

Cabbages are only tasty if they do not taste like cabbage - fuzband said the other day. "What is the point of that?" he asked. If I am being honest...I fail to see the point. Ditto for brussel sprouts, although to be quite honest, in a world that is big on looks the brussel sprout at least *looks* interesting. Pity that we have to eat it though. Trouble with both is that they smell evil when being cooked.

Kings. They go with cabbages apparently. For some reason. Although the Walrus is not really a reputed source of information. Or trustworthy for that matter. After all it ate the Oysters.
Kings anyway are a bit similar because often they can be tasteless. And the smell of evil sits heavily on some of them...even without them being boiled. In these progessive days, however, kings are a bit obsolete - what with bankers, prime ministers, presidents. Democracy. Instead of a cabbage or king then.

Now doggies. That is what is most interesting. We are going to be catted and dogged. Awww. I personally prefer a Marley although fuzband pervesely maintains that having a dog bouncing around and knocking things over is not really useful. Tchhh. No imagination at all. What we need to remember is that a cat expects a servant, and the dog expects a master/mistress. More about that later I suppose.


At 5:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see you restarting the blog, Firegenie!! That is so funny about cabbage and brussels sprouts. I love BSs (oops unfortunate initials) but S hates them. Apparently he was forcefed them as a child for their general goodness so now he's almost terrified of them. And terrified of his wife's love for them. But for me, they are exotic things that were read about but tasted only in adulthood, and being an adult does makes you like things like pathola and bandakka....

At 7:59 AM , Blogger Flaming Firegeni said...

Poor S...childhood can be so traumatic what with brussel sprouts and cabbages being considered as "required" diet for healthy growth. Tell S to be calm and take a deep breath whenever you eat them - after all he can sit back and admire your nerve. I have to admit that pathola and bandakka cooked in coconut milk is absolutely divine. :)


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