Friday, August 31, 2007

Rain Pain with Bliss

Hmm. I pined for coolness, rain, wet, cold, damp. I suffered in the heat, sun, dryness. I despised the state of sunny weather and longed for the monsoon. .It is raining catz and dogz, and a few kittenz and puppiez as well. And I love the rain, enjoy the coolness, wetness. I set out blithely in the showers and walk under blackened skies and thundercloud threats. The bliss of coolness is mixed. Joyous and costly. Rain is

* Lying in bed at night and listening to the outburst of frog-songs all around
* Seeing the grass turning emerald green and clean, washed of the powderings of dust
* Hearing the cicadas and crickets chirrup thru the night, like a benediction on your sleep thoughts
* Happy plants that are cheerful and suddenly spurting to chase themselves to grow fast
* More jasmines that are more luscious
* Bright purple bourganvillea outside the kitchen window
* The absence of glare in your eyes, the mellowed landscapes of sunless sombre skies, that are a boon to the migraine prone
* Seas of coloured umbrellas on the road floating along like Toadstool Festival Day
* Rough riotous seas that are magnificent and majestic, leaving one with visions of the Leviathan and the deep sea creatures
* Wonderful nights in bed without the aid of hot air circulated by a fan in the futile gestures of cooling
* Cool pillows and sheets, and the ability snuggle and curl up instead of throwing oneself spreadeagle, heated body with heated mattress to produce sweaty thrashing around
* Hair let down and thrown back in blissful freedom, instead of knotted up onto the head. No lank hair dank with sweat
* Bus journeys without wet towel on face. Instead a half open window blowing raindrops in your face and cooling it


* A leaking house with buckets all over, and a steady drip drip drip even through the night.
* A muddy hall and lounge area, because the leak is the worst there, and no matter how much you clear it, it just muddies fast again.
* Piles of wet, damp clothes hanging all over the house, with dismal efforts to dry. No radiators to dry wet clothes on, and no fully automatic washing machine or tumble dryer to dry the wet clothes.
* Mud mud mud. Cars driving heedlessly past and covering you with dirty water as they pass.
* Broken roads with yukky muddy water pools that one *Has* to walk through because there is no other way around
* Brrrrrrr cold water showers because the water is several degrees colder and there are no hot showers in the house. A warm wash means boiling water in pans and emptying into buckets, hence the braved OWWW of a freezing dousing of water in the mornings.
* Sly lingering snakes attempting to creep into houses to get away from excess rain AAAARRRGGGHHHH There was one curled up on the wall the other day. Yuk
* Power failures due to heavy wind and rain...the electricity wires catching fire with merry crackles, the frenetic flashing failing lights and the sudden darkness. Blackness like the coming of the dementors of Azkhaban
* Phone lines going dead as doornails

WORST of all ...the very worst of all. The rain brings untold suffering to some.
Stories of suffering from ares of the country - especially the North and East from war/tsunami victims. Families sleeping on ground sheets in makeshift shelters in deserted remote areas huddling for warmth, unable to avoid the cold, and rain. Teenage pregnancies, destitute school kids, sick children, hopeless adults. Now burdened with the wet, damp and cold.

I don't know how to rejoice in my personal easing of distress from the heat, when I know the same source is bringing suffering to many :S I wish there was some way that the weather could be meted out to the needy as required. The worst is that the sun brings the suffering of terrible heat with no proper shelter, dryness, discomfort of another kind.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moonshine and Burbles

I really MUST get around to keeping the world uptodate about me, my non-existent cat, the invisible dog, and the imaginary talking canary that is not in a cage.

Well actually I definitely intend to make this a serious commentary on life and the universe. The animals - the moose and leopard...the ones that are real but not alive, they wish to make a few views known to the general public. Too long have animal rights been denied and now the animals demand a voice. The right to be heard, they said, looking me full in the eye. Sternly. We need to raise our voices to tell the world what we think about it.

Anyways I have been busy with Harry Potter. Yup that is right. Count me in. I will tell you at some point why it has held my imagination. Re-reading HP that is what I am doing. Yup, the series. Almost as good as the first time around. Reading Nothern Lights too. I am hooked on fantasy. No really...I realise I am. Reading realistic fiction is terribly difficult for me. I have to lecture on them so I am forced to re-read some texts! It is called 'work', 'career'. 'vocation' or something like that. Basically I am obliged to read these things, and impart the great nature of it to my students. Every nerve in me rebels and says 'give them fantasy'.

;) So I have. There sits Terry Pratchett's Equal Rites, proudly, beside the rest of literature in my module. It IS after all Contemporary New Literature.

Anyways more later. This is just blathering. On to more serious things...later.