Thursday, October 13, 2005

Didotic Rules of life

I realised Im a selective leopard. I don't like everybody. So why should everybody like me? Fair's fair. (That reminds me I dunno why people say "all is fair in love and war. Nothing is FAIR in love and war. When has it EVER been? Excuuse me? Where did such a nobrain saying come from.)

But that was not what I started out to say.

Leopards got claws don't they? To be used isn't it? Gotta use claws somewhere or will get atrophied. We don't want that do we? Stands to reason if folk like some folk. sometimes folk have to not like folk. It's natchral. Like breathing.

Rules of Dido
I will try to like a few bodies.
I will not try to like everybody.
I will not try to make everybody like me.
I will not expect everyone to like me. No skin off my nose as I said.
I will actively like the folk I like. It is not point liking them and not showing it. So more washings..."slurp slurp", more purrings, more cuddles.
I will actively dislike some folk (some *should* be disliked but I won't mention names). Flexing claws, teeth and other sharp instruments. (in the interest of evolution - so they don't get atrophied).
I will

..hmm. I don't know what else I will do. Go stttttrrrrreeetcchhh.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

a leopard never changes its spots...

I don't. I got the most permanent spots ever to exist. They get washed occasionally but they are still the same spots even if they fade a bit. I must say I get better looking each day though - well *some* people seem to think so, although there is a certain female human who generally says "piss off George" to me and Aristophanes...don't ask me why. None of us are called "George". Sometimes the human race can be baffling.

Humans, I notice, try to impress. Me - I am not interested in impressing anyone.
(well maybe I like to impress a certain tiger...but *that* is a different story, and erm...well maybe I like to impress a certain moose to and *that* is also a different story). I am Dido - 1st grade leopard with svelte pelt and gorgeous eyes. Well that is what I have been told.

The way people wear masks is positively tiring for a well-bred
leopard to watch. What a waste of energy, it would just be economical to set out for the day saying "here i come's 'me' and not anyone else".

I mean there is only one of me - Dido. I am Queen of me-land. Also of bed-land. I can't bother to be someone else. If folk don't like me they can find someone else to like. Why would I want someone to like me for what I am not. Believe quite a lot of people don't really like me. In fact they find me a bit awkward and ignore me and pretend I don't exist.

Do I care? Not a jot. I like me. And a few people with good taste like me. The rest obviously have really bad tastes :D