Friday, May 11, 2007

ah yes there is this blog i forgot about

Indeed. why have i not been updating the info about my exciting life? why have i deprived the world of deep thoughts and deeper blatherings? how irresponsible of me. i repent in sack cloth and ashes and don't swear never to do it again. i should have given you all the fiddly iddly piddly bits of information about what my cat threw out - the cat i don't have - and how the dog (the one i don't have) barked melodiously at the postman that didn't come. i could tell you about the bird (which i do have) which might decide to leave soon.

all next time. this time i return for a brief pology. a short bout of repentance. a confession and promise. a declaration to be faithful to this blog and to the millions of readers dying to hear about what i coffed up yesterday, and how i sneezed, and what colour the rain was and did it fall smoothly.

goodnight one and all...for now