Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I have 15 amazing lilies in my room and when I come up the stairs I get the scent of their fragrance. I feel like sinking my face into them and letting the fragrance wrap itself around me.

Fragrances and scents have always affected me deeply - I identify people and places by their scent! Oh I know that flowers look pretty amazing, but when you get the scent of lavendar, lilies, lily of the valley, roses - to mention a few - there is something incredible about it. If I had been an atheist, the fragrance of flowers would have been one of the reasons that would have inclined me towards thinking "maybe there might be a Creator". And then there are jasmines the mostly heavenly smell of all, and the "queen of the night" that sort of fills the air all around at night.

If I had been an atheist, there are a few other things that would have made me think "He exists...He must exist". The delicate marvel of butterfly wings, the shapes and colours of shells, the migration patterns of birds, puppies and kittens - their softness and adorableness. And sex. Sex as in "making love". I often think that only a marvelous God could have given humans the joy of intimacy and love - we are the only "creatures" that have sex as an expression of love and pleasure, and not as a mating instinct towards procreation. Amazing. Incredible, Unbelievable.

What amazing senses all creatures have. We can touch, taste, hear, see and smell the "world" around us...I think God is unbelievably GREAT.