Friday, August 22, 2008


There is something about touch...the sheer physicality of it that is wonderful. I don't know what we would do with the touchiness of life...the textures, the nuances of different surfaces, the sheer variety of sensations we have from the skin of our palms and the tips of our fingers. Even lips glory in texture.

I love texture. The sheer feelingfulness of things. The thingyness of different things. Beautiful. Wonderful. Makes you feel alive.

I was touching textures in cloth. Silks, organza, raw silk, satin, chiffon. Oh soo wonderful. But nothing to beat the silk. Natural silk. Done by worms...I mean how incredible is that? The creatures that spin it out, never see it in all its glory. They never see it a deep red rich glowing wonderful cascade of colour and softness. We do. We reap the benefits of all that nature and its creatures do. The sheep give us winter clothes, the worms give us silk for celebration, the bowels of the earth our diamonds to keep sparkling forever, the cattle our shoes and bags, the cotton pods our summer wear and tropical comfort and so it goes.

So I thought tonight about the wonder of touch...the textures we relish but never think about or give thanks for. Starting with silk. Remembering other feelings of touch...the beauty and joy it was. Remembering how hands relish feelings - the way our fingertips instinctively explore things and cast them to memory.

I love silk. Silk with glowing colour and vibrant luxuriant texture. And I love the fact that we are created with the blessing of touch.


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